Saturday, November 22, 2008

Twilight at Midnight

On one of the first cold nights of November, at midnight on November 20th to be precise, I went to Bellevue Cinema 8 in Nashville for the midnight screening of the highly anticipated movie, Twilight. Did I say midnight screening? That's what we had been told, but the movie didn't actually start until 12:20 AM on November 21. There were 10 of us there when I arrived at midnight. Where were the screaming hoards of teen-age girls? I suppose wise parents had kept their young ones at home on a school night, a decision I applaud.

By 12:20 there were 18 of us there (only 3 of them males), including two groups of giggling female teens - the target demographic of this movie about an eternally 17-year-old vampire and the girl who loves him. After 20 minutes of fidgitting in a very un-vampirelike fashion, the audience was more than ready for the movie to start.

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sandra said...

excellent movie..gone with our gang to watch twilight yesterday.. I think that the characters were portrayed by each actor very well and just everything about it was good. haha And just look at these guys...sigh

Kathryn Darden said...

Well, yes, definitely! They had some VERY cute guys in the movie!

Thanks for the comment!