Monday, November 10, 2008

November Nostalgia -- a Fall Poem

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The last golden leaves
Fell from the trees
And blew in the breeze.

The colors so bright,
Multi-hued delight.
Autumn took a wrong turn;

Colors we rarely see
In Tennessee -
How the hillsides burn!

New England's bright edge
Seen in each tree and hedge,
And bronze pumpkin sedge.

Still the colors remain -
A glorious stain
Until the next rain.

As each autumn returns
I know I will yearn
For sights such as these:

Crimson, scarlet reds,
Seen in each tree and hedge -
How it pierces my heart!

'Til the last golden leaves
Fall from the trees,
And their beauty departs.

© Kathryn Darden. All rights reserved.

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