Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thanksgiving Acrostic

'T is the season -
H olidays are upon us
A s we gather together
N ow with our loved ones
K eeping family traditions
S avoring, turkey, dressing, ham...
G ive thanks to the One
I n whose name we gather
V ine from which all blessings grow
I t is good to be thankful
N ever forgetting
G od is great, God is good...


Wanda said...

May I have your permission to use this as an example of what can be used to get kids to write? It's GREAT!

Kathryn Darden said...

Sure! If you do use it, please do post the byline with it: "© by Kathryn E. Darden, Used with permission" and if it is used online, please post a link here to the poem.