Thursday, March 19, 2009

Filing for Unemployment in Tennessee

In January of 2009, the Department of Labor reported that more than 84,000 unemployment claims were filed last month in Tennessee which is 115% more claims filed than in 2008. Since so many of my friends and neighbors are having to file an unemployment claim in Tennessee, I thought I would list a couple of resources and related articles on Filing for Unemployment in Tennessee.

How to File an Unemployment Claim in Tennessee
Ten easy steps to filing for unemployment in Tennessee

Longer article with more details about filing for unemployment in Tennessee at: Unemployment Tips for Tennessee
Facing unemployment is NOT a happy prospect, but with the right tools, it need not be as overwhelming as it might otherwise be.

Unemployed - a Poem

Macy's Bellevue Center, Nashville, TN - A Look Back
These are photos from the past seven years from the Bellevue Macys, in Nashville, Tennessee. The store, which was formerly Hechts, Proffitts, Saks/Dillards (for about three months) and Castner Knott's, closed March 15, 2009.

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