Monday, March 2, 2009

Winter Snow Hits Nashville - Finally!

March Comes in like a Lion to Nashville, Turns into a Lamb Within 24 Hours
March 02, 2009

It started on a Saturday evening, the last day of February. What had been a light, drizzling rain turned into a light, wet snow towards the end of my shift at a local retail store. Even though we are in the last days of a big liquidation sale, the light dusting kept customers away.
Winter Snow Hits Nashville - Finally!
Perhaps if we sold shovels or groceries, we would have been busier, but this is Nashville! We shut down the town, close schools and get off the streets when we have a few flurries!

As I drove home Saturday night, I watched the snowflakes play in my headlights. The snow was starting to stick to the grass and branches on the side of the road while the streets retained some warmth from the day and stayed clear. All that changed around midnight as the temperature continued to drop and the snow continued to fall. At midnight I went outside and began to take pictures.

I love snow. Something about the powdery white flakes hitting my face makes me feel like I am about six years old again. However, if you want to play in the Nashville snow, you have to suit up and go outside while the flakes are falling, even if it's midnight or later.

There is something magical about being out in the darkness with only the whispering snow for company. Maybe that's because this is Nashville, and we don't get snow that often. In any case, it was a real treat to hear the crunch of snow under my boots, to feel the flakes hitting my face, to catch a few flakes on my tongue and to see the reflections of all those tiny points of light in the flash every time I took a photo. I won't say if I was undignified enough to hurl myself down into a deep patch and flap my arms and legs to make a snow angel, but snow does make me feel like I am six!

To those of you who were fortunate enough to get six inches or a few feet of snow, I must sadly admit we only got an inch or two, and it was all gone within 24 hours. Maybe that's why each rare snowfall here seems so miraculous, like shimmering white manna falling from heaven.

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