Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving Articles, Poems, Displays,& More!

It's Thanksgiving Day!

 I was blessed to have TWO Thanksgiving celebrations in 2012. My friend Pam celebrated Thanksgiving last Sunday since her family would be traveling in different directions on the actual holiday. Jack was invited to spend the day with his girlfriend Molly, and since I am attached at the leash, they let me come, too!

Jack and Molly at Sunday's Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving with the Mansfields, which has become my annual Thanksgiving tradition.

Thanksgiving with the Mansfields

In honor of the holiday, here is some Thanksgiving reading.  

Happy Thanksgiving 2012!

Thanksgiving Articles

First Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!
Thanksgiving is our nation's original national holiday and it celebrates the courage, faith and friendship of our country's first settlers. However, this im...


November 21, 2012
What is the history of Thanksgiving Day?
William Bradford's Thanksgiving Proclamation in 1623
First Thanksgiving
First Thanksgiving

November 20, 2012
What were your favorite artists up to at Thanksgiving in 2002? Featuring Michael Tait, tobyMac, Kevin Max, Benjamin Gate, Rebecca St. James, and more of your favorite Christian artists.

Thanksgiving Poems

With folded hands we want to say

Our thanks to You this special day.
I marvel at the sight, behold the golden roast!
So much to swoon the senses here

Thanksgiving Dolls

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