Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Puppy Love: Jack the Puppy Gets a Girlfriend

Jack walking Molly
Jack, my 6-month-old papillon puppy, has a little girlfriend. Molly is an older woman...er...dog, a 5-year-old Malti-Poo who walks in the same park where we walk, and Jack is crazy about her! This is their story.

Good golly Miss Molly!

You never know where romance will find you. In Jack's case, it was walking in the park to keep fit and get his daily dose of puppy exercise that did it.

It started innocently enough with Jack admiring Molly from afar a month or so ago. Oh, he noticed the cute little Malti-Poo temptress alright, but he was too nervous to approach her. 

Jack would cautiously check Molly out as she walked by, and hop back a step or two if she looked at him. But watching Molly sashay past with her sassy walk and her little pink halter top proved too much temptation for Jack, and he fell into puppy love.  

And they call it...puppy love...

Now Jack just can't get enough of Molly. In his efforts to impress her, he leaps in the air, rolls over, pounces, rubs his front paws together and tries to give her kisses every time they are around each other. Molly coyly steps back, turns away, and pretends to ignore him, causing poor Jack to redouble his efforts.

However, if Jack turns away from Molly for a second, she demurely comes a little closer batting those little Malti-Poo lashes at him and giving him a flirtatious sniff. What a tease!

Jack is smitten, that's for sure. If they lived in Mayberry, Jack would definitely take Miss Molly to the Duck Pond.

Jack & Molly

In most of the photos I tried to take, they are just two silly blurry blobs, because they just WON'T sit still for the camera! Well, Molly would, but Jack is too busy showing off for his favorite little Malti-Poo vixen to sit still.

Pictures don't do them justice.  They are adorable together. I guess that's why they call it puppy love.

Watch Jack walk his other friend, Shelby:  

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pat said...

Love it! Keep me posted..

pat said...

Love it! Keep me posted.. I'll have to take some pictures of Sophie and her two beaus, Cocoa the yorkie and Lucky the chihuahua!

Kathryn Darden said...

Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment Pat. Your pap sure is a beautiful dog.