Saturday, August 25, 2012

"Outlaw Country" with Luke Grimes, Haley Bennett, Mary Steenburgen & John Hawkes Canned by FX

I am in the red jacket in the fair scene in "Outlaw Country."

Outlaw Country Canned by FX, Pilot Finally Airs

I was an extra in the pilot for the FX Network program "Outlaw Country," starring Luke Grimes, Haley Bennett, Mary Steenburgen and John Hawkes in 2012. I was in a fair scene shot at the Dickson County Fairgrounds in October of 2012.

Mary Steenburgen

Described as a modern drama set against the backdrop of Southern organized crime, the "Outlaw Country" series was filmed in Nashville but was canned before it ever aired. However, the "Outlaw Country" pilot finally aired on FX as a television movie on Friday, August 23, 2012, starring Mary Steenburgen and Hayley Bennett as mother/daughter country music singers.

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