Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Closer Look at Nashville Actor, Author and Singer Mark Smeby

I first met Mark Smeby when I was attending Bellevue Community Church with my brother in the mid 1990s. Mark was on the drama team and was frequently on stage delivering his lines. Off stage he was the most personable person I had ever met--so much so that I wrote him off as one of those glib, insincere artistic types that moves to Nashville to use its people and resources to make it big.

That turned out to be a big mistake on my part as through the years he has proven me wrong on multiple occasions. I have had to eat a portion of crow with my humble pie more than once. Here are a few articles I have written recently about this interesting, talented and overall nice guy:


Experience the Hope of Christmas with singer Mark Smeby

December 11, 2013
If you have not heard of singer, author and actor Mark Smeby, that's because he hasn't become a "big" name yet outside of industry and church circles. However, his music has been heard in...
Continued at Experience the Hope of Christmas with singer Mark Smeby

December 1, 2013
Author, actor and recording artist Mark Smeby and his music have appeared in movies, as well as on the stage of churches around the country
Mark Smeby and his parents
Mark Smeby and his parents

Local Christian artist Mark Smeby lands 'Nashville' scene with Jonathan Jackson

March 7, 2013
Local writer and Christian recording artist Mark Smeby is no stranger to the show "Nashville" having already auditioned for four different roles on the ABC hit television series. However, as he puts it, "It was the fifth...

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