Thursday, December 5, 2013

Favorite Christmas Traditions of Gospel Artists - Yahoo

What do your favorite Christian artists enjoy doing for the holidays? Find out what Christian artists like KEVIN MAX, MIKE WEAVE, MISSION SIX, BONNIE KEEN, BARLOWGIRL, LYRYCYST, RUSH OF FOOLS, SARA GROVES, LARNELLE HARRIS, JAIME JAMGOCHIAN, JASON GRAY, KEVIN LEVAR, ALACHE, ALEXA JAMES, DECEMBERADIO, TAMMY TRENT, AFTER EDMUND and others have to say about their Favorite Christmas Traditions.

In my article Christmas Memories - What Christmas Means to Me, I shared some of my favorite Christmas memories and family traditions. I thought I would turn the tables and ask some of the gospel artists and groups what their favorite Christmas traditions are to give us a glimpse into what they enjoy doing during the holiday season.

Continued: Favorite Christmas Traditions of Gospel Artists - Yahoo Voices

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