Cute & Comfortable Levi's Women's Bermuda Shorts--a Review

If you need some new summer shorts, these Levis Women's Bermuda Shorts are cute, comfortable and at $17.96, a decent price. The lightweight fabric is good for summer and is stretchy which makes the shorts a little loose.  I had to use a belt before I added an extra button. 

The "Superstition" color I chose has a vintage look and is light blue in color. It has several typical jeans pockets, front and back, which makes for convenience as well as comfort. The rolled up hem is a nice fashion touch.

 Levi's Women's Bermuda Shorts Review

I was going to give the Levi's Women's Bermuda Shorts four stars for design, comfort, and style. I was holding back a point because the fabric seems a little flimsy and the shorts run slightly large. I decided to remove another point because Levi's is joining others in boycotting Facebook to engage in more censorship against conservative advertisers that get labeled as "hate speech." That's a 1-star boycott for Levi's.
 Levi's Women's Bermuda Shorts  *** 

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