Solar Gloves for Hands & Arms, a Review

While I can't say these solar gloves are fashionable, I can say they have a certain charm to them. More importantly, they cover your arms and hands when you are working outside, going for a hike or sitting outside at a sporting event. 

I wear my solar gloves when I am working in my garden or going for a long trip and I don't feel like putting on sunscreen and having to reapply it later. I have also worn them hiking.

I chose two long sleeve and two short sleeve styles. The pink lace ones may not provide enough coverage. Those will probably remain in the car for times when I forget to pack the others or bring sunscreen.The beige long-sleeve covers don't have fingers, so they really are like having an extra sleeve to put on the arms and pull down over the hands, I don't find them very practical, but they are kind of graceful looking.

Both the short beige gloves and the grey long gloves gloves have been put to use several times. So far it's a toss up which pair I will wear more. I like both pairs of sun protection gloves a lot.

For a sun screen option for your arms and hands, consider solar gloves. The gloves pictured here cost between $6 - $12.
I give this collection of solar gloves 4 stars overall for comfort and functionality. ****

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