Noracora Shoes: Don't Waste Your Money-- a Review

Insoles come out every time I take the shoes off

A few months ago, I saw an ad for some Noracora shoes, the Women's Green Slide Hollow-Out Round Toe Casual Pu Sneakers Flats, to be exact. Because I clicked on it, the ad haunted my web visits from then on like ads do these days, and eventually I succumbed to temptation and bought them for $27.68. I am all about trying new products to review for my readers.

I also spotted a pair of flats, the Pi Clue Flat Heel Flats for $7.21. At $8, what could go wrong? My total with shipping came to $40.91. Thankfully, it wasn't a big investment, because both pairs of shoes were a HUGE disappointment. Not only that, but they took well over a month to get here.

When I ordered the flats, unbeknownst to me, the website glitched and selected the default size-- the smallest size, probably around a size 4 US. I wear a 7 1/2, which is what I selected. As soon as I noticed, I wrote to Noracora, but they would only offer a 25 % discount on the flats. Since that was cheaper than the return shipping would be, I accepted it, but I was still stuck paying about $5 for shoes that were at least 2 sizes too small. 

Apparently because I let Noracora know I planned to leave a bad review, I discovered I couldn't leave a review on their website at all. The site claimed I had no order, but here is part of the order confirmation email I received from Noracora..

Here is my trying to leave the review on their website:

The green Women's Green Slide Hollow-Out Round Toe Casual Pu Sneakers Flats were the ones I was most looking forward to because they looked so cute in the photos. The shoes are kind of cute in person as well, but they are poorly made. The tongue comes up too high on the ankle, so it is always pushed to one side or the other or simply wrinkles up and pushes back into the show.  The seams dig into my toes and rub sore spots and blisters, and although the shoes  have air holes, they are hot.
The fact my feet get so hot in these shoes makes the next problem even worse. The inner soles are not attached to the sole at all, so when you take the shoes off, the two inner soles come out of the shoes-- every time, because they stick to your (hot) feet, not the shoe. 
The insoles come out of these shoes every time.

The bottom line is these shows look fairly cute but they are not comfortable, nor are they well made. 

The second par of shoes, the Pi Clue Flat Heel Flats,could not be tried on because they were three sizes too small, but I could tell from examining them they they were flimsy flats with no padding at all. I would not have worn them even if they had fit.

All in all, the Noracora website is glitchy, the shoes are neither well made no comfortable, and the customer service and review process are a joke. They clearly only allow reviews from the handful or customers-- probably employees-- who seem to be happy with their shoes.

Skip the Noracara shoes and get a good pair of Skechers. They cost more but the additional comfort,  support and durability you get from the shoes will be well worth it!

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