Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Brand-New KitchenAid Dishwasher Doesn't Clean Dishes (Photo & Video)

KitchenAid 23.875-Inch Built-In Dishwasher (Color: Black) ENERGY STAR
Item #: 333418 | Model #: KUDS30IXBL

On November 3, my brand-new KitchenAid dishwasher was installed. Before I purchased the dishwasher from Lowes, I had read some very negative reviews about the dishwasher on the Lowes website. However, when I brought those concerns to the attention of my sales person as we discussed the pros and cons of buying the dishwasher, Allison, the very personable salesclerk at my local Lowes, assured me that her store had had no complaints or returns of this model. Since it was inexpensive and I was working with insurance to replace the Kitchen Aid Whisper Quite Superba which was damaged by a contractor Farmers recommended who forgot to hook my old dishwasher up to the water line before it was turned on, I went ahead and got the low-priced KitchenAid model to accommodate and facilitate a quick replacement.

My first load of dishes came out with a mess of white crud on the inside and outside of my pots, pans and some dishes - thicker than a film but fairly easy to wipe off with my thumb. I called Allison and told her what my brand-new dishwasher was doing, and she explained that the detergent formulas had recently been changed and I would now have to buy special capsules to clean my dishes. Because I had a new box of detergent, I opted to try the special rinse that is supposed to help dishes come out clean. I bought a bottle, filled the compartment and ran another load with the same results -- all my dark pots and pans, my see-through plastic containers, and some of my silverware had a layer of white crud on them, thicker than a film, but fairly easily wiped off with my thumb as seen in the video below.

I shot this video on January 2, 2012

I turned my water heater up from 120º to 140º and that didn't help; I tried putting the special rinse in the rinse compartment in the new dishwasher, and that didn't help; so I tried some of the Cascade capsules designed especially to make up for what the government took out of the detergents with the same results - white gunk on all may pots, pans, plastics and silverware. I tried loading pots and pans in the upper tray in case they were blocking the jets. Nothing worked.

I even found an old box of detergent packed away in storage following the flood of 2010 - before phosphates were removed. I used it with the same results, so the problem is not the new detergents.

But more than that, the dishwasher is flimsy and it doesn't have a good jet for the 2nd tray. I have to put the top tray back in its track almost every time I use it -- and I have only used it about once a week since it was installed 2 months ago today. I wash many of my dishes by hand rather than load the dishwasher after every meal. I don't overload my dishwasher. I am careful where and how I place things in it. I pre-rinse my dishes as soon as I am through using them. There is no good reason why my dishes come out dirty -- which looks unsanitary -- or why the top tray won't stay in its track.  I have only used it maybe 8 times since I got it.

Lowe's says they will work with me to find a better machine. I will also have to get a new budget if the new replacement costs more than this model did which it probably will since I had a better quality KitchenAid before and got the cheapest model this time. Oh, the joys of working with insurance, contractors, and flimsy modern technology!


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