Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Christian Social Networking

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At Christian Activities, we have been busy creating Christian social networks where our friends can network and share information about Christian music and family-friendly entertainment. If you belong to any of these networks, please join us! Networks don't work without people! Most networks are wide open to anyone and everyone. As Christians, we are often exposed to things we really don't want to see. That's why our on Ning is being set up for Christian entertainers, authors, musicians, and other personalities who believe in the statements in the Nicene Creed (found on each page of the network). I think Ning has the potential to be the best, most interactive network so far.

However, other networks offer other opportunities, and Christian Activities is taking advantage of several. If we are to be both light and salt to the world, we have to have a presence where seekers can find us.

We are now "broadcasting" on Blip.fm. If you would like to hear some of our favorite music, past and present, visit
us at Blip. We have 37 tunes up already and will be adding more.

Follow us on Twitter to get short, daily updates.

Facebook: Christian Activities is also now on Facebook as both a group and a page:
Christian Activities Group
Christian Activities Facebook Page
If you are on Facebook, why not join BOTH!

We have been on MySpace for a couple of years and invite you to connect with us there.

You can also find us on the Christian social networks.

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