Monday, September 1, 2008

Finding Myself on Blogger!

Koinonia Family Reunion & Concert

I just found a group shot from last year's Koinonia Family Reunion on a fellow Blooger's blog. Gary Pigg has this up on his blog. Ah, what memories that brings back! In case you are wondering, I am the 2nd from the right, in red and black, between Amy Grant and Marty McCall.

To read my review of the concert which took place November of 2007 and featured Amy Grant, Michael W, Smith, Dogwood, Homecoming, Fireworks, Alan "Root" Robertson, Jim Weber, and Billy Sprague, go to Koinonia Family Reunion.

Christmas in Iraq

Then I found where another Blooger had found a Christmas poem I wrote for our military men and women, and he shared "Christmas in Iraq" on his blog!

There's nothing like tripping over yourself on Blogger!

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