Friday, September 19, 2008

What??? $140 to Ship???

Brother! I just got an email from NovelMaker, and they want $140 to overnight the books to me to arrive on Tuesday. Uh... I don't THINK so.

1. It took several days for them to get the first pdf proofs to me - they had trouble transmitting. They sent several apologies, said there was some kind of computer virus that had networks blocking transmission, then they said the problem must be on my end (it wasn't), but the pdfs were several days late getting to me.
2. They didn't follow my instructions about photos and had to do the pdfs over. Also had dropped lines, dropped by-lines, and other typos to correct
3. The photos were still not done correctly in the next batch of pdfs and quite a few of the typos weren't corrected. Also, when they corrected some, other things got dropped. The pages also did not allow enough space for margins and the binding edge/gutter.
4. The next set of pdfs had the same problems and I noticed the size of the text varied from poem to poem
5. The next set of proofs had some text blocks shift and new words were dropped which had to be corrected. Then pages were off by one page which threw the Poet's Index off by one page.
6. I asked several times over the course of the past weeks as I kept correcting the same mistakes as well as new errors if the books would be done in time and NEVER GOT A REPLY. I was certainly never informed they would have to be overnighted at a cost of $140 until tonight. The email was sent at 6:33, but I worked until 10:00PM and just got in an hour ago to find that email.

I may cancel the order and the trip. I am SO DISGUSTED.

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