Friday, September 19, 2008

For Authors: Unleash the Book Within!

Discover How to Write Your Own Outrageously Profitable Book & Become a Recognized Expert in Your Field of Choice!

New Audio Book Reveals

How to Write a Profitable Book –

Even If You
Aren’t a Great Writer & You
Failed English in School!

Just take a look at some of what you will learn by
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How to choose a proven subject for your book that will guarantee people will want to buy itpeople never change. Nor do their basic desires. They’ve existed for thousands of years and will continue to exist for thousands more. That's good for you – as an author. Discover here what people want and how to profit wildly from their desires!

How to choose a topic for your book that will make writing seem like anything but work – follow these tips and you’ll soon be looking forward to writing everyday … even if you’ve always hated it in the past!

How to brainstorm the most profitable title for your book – these tips could literally be the difference in you producing a best-seller or a bust!

How to create a powerful outline for your book - even if you hated English class and never paid attention when the teacher discussed this boring subject!

The most productive way to find great content for your book – you may be very surprised at what you read here!

The simple way to get experts on your subject to contribute content for your book – these tips will save you time and effort and put you that much closer to having your own profitable book!

The secret that allowed the author of this audio book, to make $10,000 in just in less than 45 days and how you can use the same technique to create a book and explode your own income in no time!

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