Monday, September 29, 2008

Mayberry Days, 2008

I had a pleasant time at Mayberry Days this year in spite of the rain. Hurricane Kyle brought drizzles most of the day on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, but by Saturday evening the rains appeared to have ended, and Sunday was beautiful for our drive out of Mount Airy.

For those who don't know, Mount Airy, North Carolina, is the childhood home of Andy Griffith, and one of the primary inspirations for the fictitious town of Mayberry. Every year the town hosts Mayberry Days during the last full weekend of September.

Book sales to Mayberry Days visitors were low this year, but I did well selling to local stores, so I only brought six books home with me. I am supposed to have another 20 books on their way.

My friend Chevy did her superb Daphne impression and I was her sidekick, Skippy, this year. I got to wear my mother's vintage mink stole for the Mayberry Days parade, which made the occasion all the more special for me.

We had delicious meals at local Mount Airy restaurants like Snappy Lunch, Pandowdy's, Sagebrush, and I think we ate three times at Goobers! Good food, good company, good times - Hurricane Kyle didn't dampen our spirits!

I made it all the way from Nashville, TN to Mount Airy, NC with no trouble finding gas. Prices ranged from $3.99 in Nashville to $3.39 in Knoxville, and around $3.69 in NC.

With gas prices high, reports of gas being hard to find, and the rains, attendance was definitely down this year, but I have no regrets about going. This may have been my last Mayberry Days, and I'm glad I got to say good-bye as a Fun Girl!

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