Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Heaven & Nature Sing!

It is so nice to have my nights off! I am still working the day job, but not as hard, not as many hours. After all, I am on vacation!

Even with gas prices like they are, not to mention that fact you can't find gas in Nashville, I have had a lovely time already. I was able to take the dogs to the park yesterday, and we just ambled down side trails and paths we don't usually cover, finding new vistas to admire, and new rocks to sniff.

I have discovered I am a park-aholic. I love these long walks; they are so restful and soothing. Looking at countless shades of green, the tapestry of overhanging branches, twisting vines, colorful flowers, even the variations in the color and texture of tree bark is breathtaking.

The first day of autumn also brought with it the heady aroma of fall leaves on the breeze, and the first scattering of fall leaves on the paths. Even the dogs crunched leaves as they walked.

The dogs love our walks, too, and it is fun to watch their reactions to squirrels, rabbits, deer, and other walkers.

We see deer often, Yesterday, we saw six out nibbling in a grassy area. Occasionally we see an owl or a raccoon, if we are out hiking in the twilight.

Commercials on TV say you live an extra two hours for each hour of vigorous walking you do. I can't think of a better way to do it than by enjoying God's creation. The stones, the trees, the creatures, and even the breezes really do cry out, and heaven and nature sing!

I think I'll stop blogging and head back out to the park. After all, it's another beautiful early fall day, and I am on vacation!

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