Monday, September 10, 2012

Can You Find the Mimosa Tree?

Can you spot the mimosa tree in this photo? If you can, CONGRATULATIONS! You are doing better than one of Nashville's "professional" tree removal companies.

I have given the Nashville-based tree preservation and removal company one week to remove the tree they talked me into "removing" and letting them cut down last year.

This year they have failed to return calls or keep appointments for two months after I called them and told them the tree had come back. Now this "professional" tree removal company tells me they can't find the tree which just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Today they said their guy came out Friday when we did NOT have an appointment and couldn't find the tree. Now the owner says he is washing his hands of it.

If they don't take care it it this week, I will be posting the name of this professional tree preservation and removal company which offers "full service" in Middle Tennessee but who CAN'T FIND TREES or honor their word.

They may listen to trees, but they sure don't listen to their customers.

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Kathryn Darden said...

The Nashville-based tree restoration company was supposed to come out today to take care of this mimosa tree. Instead they sent a little 60-year-old man from Labor Ready who gets paid $7.25 an hour to chop the tree down with his axe. He got rid of the branches, but he chopped a drain cover in half and couldn't make any headway on the stump. He called the company and told them so. Tomorrow the tree removal company says they will come out and grind the stump. I hope they keep this appointment.