Saturday, September 8, 2012

Nashville Doll Club Celebrates 15th Anniversary

The doll club I founded in 1997, the Belle Meade Plantation Belles Barbie Doll Club, celebrated our 15th anniversary on September 6 at Shoney's in Bellevue. Four of the women in the picture have been in the club all 15 years.

It doesn't seem like very long ago I was contacting "Barbie Bazaar" magazine about finding out how to get a fan club started and then contacting Mattel to get the application.

The club was originally founded as a Barbie fan club but grew over the years to include other fashion dolls. Now the club is 15 years old. They have been 15 fun years!

Whether it's baseball cards, fishing, dancing or dolls, hobbies are a great way to socialize and blow off steam. I recommend them highly!

Find out more about the club's anniversary at:  Belle Meade Plantation Belles Barbie Doll Club celebrates 15th anniversary - Nashville Doll Collecting Examiner

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