Continuety/Revnuhalter/ Ellipticaly/Elelandy Clothes a Con from China: a Review

~ BEWARE: Some companies advertising on social media claim to be mom-and-pop businesses in the U.S. but really ship poor-quality, mass-produced goods from China ~

List of Chinese Companies Selling the Same Mass-Produced Clothes & Claiming to be Based in the U.S.
  • Continuety
  • Revnuhalter
  • Ellipticaly
  • Elelandy
  • Bozuc
  • Pappaya 
  • Arfym
  • Hutyr
  • Panrila
  • Keppal
  • Vivchic
  • Vyjak
  • Brezzey
Continuety/Revnuhalter/Ellipticaly Van Gogh Clothes a Con from China

China is not just buying up farmland and politicians, they are conning us online. The latest con is the “Made in the USA” scam where a Chinese company will tell a fake story on social media about their American family’s small business. If you are gullible enough to buy it… and I was… TWICE… you will not be taken to a website that says it is based in the US, and shown great photos of a very nice looking product. 

But when you order and pay for it, you won’t receive a real TRACKING NUMBER. No, you will receive weekly updates that tell you your package is slowly traveling across Italy, Austria, Sweden or Ireland. It take less than a day to drive across most European countries. Guess whaty country it does take a long time to cross? That’s right: China. 

Pay attention to the dress on the left. It shows up in a lot of ads  

The first time this happened, I forget the company's name, but I read updates that had my package slowly moving across Italy. I was a bit puzzled why my made-in-the-USA package was traveling across Italy, and because it was a Christmas gift, I was disappointed that it arrived weeks later and not by Christmas, but I was caught up in the holidays and didn’t pay attention. I was also disappointment that the product did not look like the photos.

One would think I might have learned a lesson, and maybe I did, but then I read this post last month:

Touching story, right? And the photo of the cardigan I ordered was just beautiful.

So I placed the order, and when I started getting weekly updates about my item shipping across IRELAND, I had a sense of deja vu. I contacted the company and asked why my item, which said it was made in the USA— WHY was it traveling across Ireland?

A rep replied to my email and said the company had warehouses in many countries around the world.

Wait a minute: a mom and pop small business where mom and pop make the clothes (read their post above) has warehouses around the world? So I pointed out their obvious lies and demanded a real tracking number. The next rep said they had some computer errors which is why I received notices my package was traveling across Ireland and surprisingly provided me with a real tracking number that said it shipped from, you guessed it: CHINA. 

When the garment finally arrived it was in an envelope with a Las Vegas address, so these Chinese businesses are sneaky enough to mail to a U.S. business that repackages the items and remails them in the USA! And it was NOT a true cardigan.

Definition of cardigan:

 A cardigan is a type of knitted sweater that has an open front, and is worn like a jacket. Wikipedia

It was a colorful but cheap and flimsy polyester smock printed on white, almost plastic-like material, so when the flimsy fabric moves, its white underside is revealed— a LOT. It also has a label that clearly says it is MADE IN CHINA. 

Continuety Van Gogh Cardigan from China Review

This “Van Gogh cardigan” is a colorful but poorly made cheap and flimsy polyester smock. It is not handmade by mom and pop; it is not a true cardigan; it is not made in the USA; and it is not a small mom-and-pop business as advertised. 1 star out of 5 because it is colorful. ⭐️

To add insult to injury, I tried to review it on the Continuety website, too, but their site automatically applied 5 stars to my review. 

Cheap, Mass-Produced Polyester Clothes Sold by Several Companies in China

I have seen this same cheap Chinese smock sold by other companies with names similar to Continuety, and one person is trying to unload hers on Poshmark. 

Mass-Produced Clothes from Revnuhalter in China Scam

Look familiar? This is from Revnuhalter, not the only other Chinese company these cheap, mass-produced smocks are coming from. 

Mass-Produced Clothes from Ellipticaly in China Scam

But wait! There’s more! This is the same exact story about a mom and pop small U.S. business from Ellipticaly that sells the same, exact mass-produced garments:

Mass-Produced Clothes from Elelandy in China Scam

Here we go again. The scam that keeps on scamming. 


Same Cheap, Poorly-Made Clothes from Vivchic

Here is Vivchic and their clone Vyjak. At least they don’t claim to be a mom-and-pop operation from the US, but they sell the same poorly-made, mass-produced clothing, and their website doesn’t mention China at all. That is where these clothes are made and that is where your order will ship from and why it will take several weeks for you to get it. 

Vyjak’s ad features the same dress as Pappya below.

Bozuc, Pappaya, Arfym, Hutyr, Panrila, Keppal

Bozuk claims to be based in the US, in Georgia, but just look at those shipping times. Nuh unh. It doesn’t take 35 days to ship to anywhere in the USA from Georgia! Not buying it, nor am I buying their story about ethical treatment of workers and sustainability. These clothes are all most likely poorly-made and shipped from sweat shops in China. 

Brezzey—NOT based in the U.S. This company is more clever, but look at the dress on the right and their ambiguous shipping and delivery info. 

Not Made in South Carolina

Here is a Bozuc clone called Pappaya. Pappaya claims to be based in South Carolina. Nope. Same long shipping times as Bozuc. Same shipping spiel, in fact. 

And don’t forget Arfym, another Bozuc and Pappaya clone that says it is in SC but really is in CHINA. 

Hutyr, definitely NOT made in South Carolina. Guess where it’s made? That’s right: cheap, mass-produced clothes from China. 

I need to start a new category: NOT MADE IN SOUTH CAROLINA. Here is another Chinese company, Panrila, claiming to be based in South Carolina. At least this company has whittled their shipping time down unless this is another lie. 

But wait! There’s more!
That dress looks familiar, Keppal, and so does your ad and your entire website. Definitelyy NOT made in South Carolina. If these companies lie about where they are based, what else are they lying about?

Things to Look Out For

One thing you will notice, is all these clothing ads have a similar look and feel. Several say “made in the U.S.” and several say “made in South Carolina.” All of them have this promo when you first click on them right now:

Click on shipping and delivery. Almost all of them have the same shipping time, the same COVID info and the identical link for tracking info. 

Don’t fall for it. If you are still waiting for your package to travel across “Europe,” demand a real tracking number. Better yet, ask for a refund or dispute the sale on Paypal or your credit card company. China has already bamboozled us enough. We don’t need them to con us by saying items are made by a mom and pop small business in the U.S. and then dump more cheap and poorly made junk on us.

Note: If you find a company that posts the same ad and sells the same mass-produced clothes from China, let me know in the comments. 

Google Blogger says it is going to hide this post behind a warning because it is considered "hate speech" to tell the truth about Chinese products and dishonesty. I wonder how much of Google is owned by the Chinese???

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