LEADOKO Women's Summer Gypsy Baggy Tunic Not As Described--A Review

Women's Summer Gypsy Baggy Tunic Tops Shirt Long Sleeve Blouse Not As Described

Summer is on its way, and I love working out in my garden, so I ordered the graceful gypsy tunic pictured above What I received was a disappointing small shirt that might have been made by gypsies, but it certainly is not a flowing gypsy tunic, nor does it have long sleeves.

 According to the LEADOKO listing on WalMart, a Medium tunic  is: 

Tag size M : US Size:(6) -----Bust:(39.8") -----Sleeve:(23.5") -----Length:(28.3")

I ordered a medium blouse, but what I received was a small or extra small blouse. I can't tell, because THERE IS NO SIZE TAG. There are also no washing instruction tag. The only tag in the shirt just tells you it is 100% polyester.

The size is ridiculously small and the sleeves are 4 inches too short. This isn't a long-sleeve blouse -- it's a 3/4 sleeve at best.

The quality is very poor. Not only does the top not fit, but there are strings hanging off the pocket and the material is flimsy--almost see-through.

This is certainly no medium-sized baggy tunic. It's a small, tight shirt. The listing is almost false advertising. WalMart should not even carry this product. 

I give the LEADOKO Women's Summer Gypsy Baggy Tunic one star out of five because the shirt does not fit and is poor quality. 

LEADOKO Women's Summer Gypsy Baggy Tunic Review *


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